How to Clean a Baseball Cap

Is your baseball cap dirty or has a stain on it, and you are looking for a way to clean a baseball cap. You don’t have to bother yourself or break a sweat over that; we’ve got you covered on how you can safely wash your baseball cap.

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Just like every other piece of clothing items, baseball caps get dirty too and we have the perfect solution for you on how to wash it.

There are three ways of cleaning a baseball cap (that is what you will mostly find on internet). They are through hand washing, washing machine and dishwasher.

However, washing with dishwasher and washing machine can damage you cap or reduce the quality in the long run; hence, these two are not advisable.

You would have seen many people say that they do wash their baseball cap with a washing machine, just stay far away from such advice. Don’t try it if you don’t want to get it spoilt immediately. Washing a baseball cap with your hand is the best and safest method to clean a baseball cap.

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How to Wash a Baseball Cap

Washing a baseball cap is not as difficult as you might think, here, we present you the best guide on how to clean a baseball cap.

Items Needed to Clean a Baseball Cap

  • Laundry detergent
  • Solvent based products or a shampoo
  • Large bowl or sink
  • Toothbrush or a small or medium-sized brush
  • A towel


Instructions on Cleaning a Baseball Cap

Below are the instructions on how to wash a baseball cap.


Baseball caps made before 1983 were not repaired to provide tags. However, the trend has changed; if your baseball cap is made after 1983, then there is a big chance that it has a tag. Check the tag for cleaning instructions.


Fill the bowl or sink you intend using to wash your baseball with warm water (NOTE: Do not use hot water). Having done this, add adequate laundry detergent to the water. It is important you avoid using detergent that have bleaching agents as one of its ingredient.

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If you notice that your baseball cap have some noticeable stains, it is advisable you pre-treat those areas before soaking. Add a drop or two of solvent based products or a shampoo, and scrub gently with a toothbrush or a small or medium-sized brush. (NOTE: Treat the areas with images, logos, symbols or stitching with utmost care.


Leave the cap to soak up for about 2-3 hours, and check it out later. In case you notice any area with stains, repeat the previous step.


Another process in washing a baseball cap is by rinsing it with a warm water when you are done with removing the stains on the cap. Do this immediately you remove the baseball cap from the soapy water. This is to prevent suds from settling into the cap.


The final step in cleaning a baseball cap is by sun drying it. You can sun dry it in a container or on the line.

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Checklist on How to Wash a Baseball Cap

  • Check the tag
  • Fill the bowl or sink with water
  • Pre-treat areas with stains
  • Soak up the baseball cap
  • Rinse your baseball cap with warm water
  • Sun dry the baseball cap


Final Thoughts on How to Clean a Baseball Cap

By now, I believe you’ve learnt how to clean a baseball cap by hand washing. Do not wash your baseball cap with a dish washer or with a washing machine, this will in the long run reduce the durability of the cap.

Keep to the instructions and you will have a washed and a very clean baseball cap at the end of the day.


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